Recent Before & After Photos

Mold Information

Mold exist everywhere, all the time. It is usually microscopic or in the form of a spore. Sometimes, it is not visible to the naked eye and to be able to see i... READ MORE

We Can Restore Anything

Here is a great example of what our team can do for you on restoring to preloss condition. Yes, this is a piece of Farm Equipment! This damage occurred in a com... READ MORE

Water Damage at Business

This flooded business in the St. Louis area was a result of a broken pipe. The water was about 5 inches deep in some areas and spread to various places througho... READ MORE

Dry Ice

Before & After dry ice blasting in at a business in Missouri. This was recently damaged by a fire. While work is not complete in the photos, you can see the... READ MORE

Commercial Fire Clean Up

This business had a fire disaster, but they did the right thing by calling us as soon as possible. SERVPRO Franchise Professionals have the training, experience... READ MORE

Warehouse Fire

This is a fire loss that currently happened in Missouri. We are working 6:00 PM - 6:00 AM so the business can stay open during normal working hours. We take bus... READ MORE

Managing Mold at Home

This home was hit was a huge disaster after the pipes froze on a Midwestern home during this wintery weather. Whenever there is water involved mold can quickly ... READ MORE

Bathroom gets Destroyed by Mold

One of the most common places mold occurs at it in the bathroom. This is because of the humidity that happens in there from people taking showers. This family c... READ MORE

Kitchen Mold Disaster

A leaking kitchen sink can create conditions that are conducive to mold growth. In fact, the hidden growth of mold in the bottom and beneath a kitchen sink is a... READ MORE

Ceiling Mold

Here we have pictured a before and after of a humidity problem! This for example was a plumbing failure. The lines were broke and caused water to leak through t... READ MORE